Turn Down the Flame
equal rights collage

Is it any more complicated with mental illness? We don’t want to minimize the difficulty. We do want to find a way to stop the marginalization.

Is it any more complicated with mental illness?

Step outside your comfort zones and reach out a little more, "come out" a little more, tolerate a little more, challenge a little more, risk a little more.

The Hot Stove Project has produced a feature length film - Daniel, Debra, Leslie (And You?)
We have also produced a short film on mental health stigma - How to Touch a Hot Stove: Thought and Behavioral Differences in a Society of Norms - directed by Sheryll Franko, and a 40-minute presentation of supplementary interview material entitled CRAZY?.

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These short films are meant for screening by local public television stations, cinemas, and screening in the classroom or the work place.