Turn Down the Flame

Our newest film is FINISHED! Thanks to a generous grant from the New Jersey Council for the Humanities, we have now completed "Daniel, Debra, Leslie (and You?)." View trailer below.

An extraordinary film about the ordinary! Very few talking heads, very many personal encounters between people. It's not the famous and furious super-recovered super-peers coming with a whole lot of information about their achievements (even if they are); it's just people talking to each other. Very ordinary life encounters - though they are very far from the ordinary.

Andrea Zwicknagl Peer Support Specialist, Switzerland

Trailer for How to Touch a Hot Stove

How to Touch a Hot Stove:
Thought and Behavioral Differences in a Society of Norms - a short documentary film featuring John Turturro, Nobel Laureate Eric Kandel, Oliver Sacks, and more.

Click here to watch the full length (24-minute) film!

The Hot Stove Project - provides a comprehensive set of resources for those with lived experience and the people in their community.

The Hot Stove Project - offers a means of catalyzing conversation across multiple divides.

The Hot Stove Project - aims to integrate a large group of people whose marginalization can no longer be accepted.

We have much to learn from people who think differently.
To some extent, we all do.

What happens if you don't walk away?


There are currently no events or announcements regarding the Hot Stove Project. Check back soon!

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