Turn Down the Flame

What We Strive to Accomplish

The Hot Stove Project is dedicated to integrating people who think, feel, or behave outside of expected norms in the hope of contributing to the elimination of bias in the workplace and other environments by increasing dialogue across different perspectives.

Stig•ma (stgm)
n. pl. stig-ma-ta stg-mät, -mt, stgm-) or stig•mas
Archaic: A mark burned into the skin of a criminal or slave; a brand

The Hot Stove Project aims to integrate individuals who are presently marginalized due to mental health issues.

We believe such integration can be achieved through the exchange of ideas between groups of people with differing perspectives on mental health.

Whether you are an employer, mental health provider, educator, and/or a person with lived experience, we hope that you will contribute to the understanding of what it means to live with mental disorders and how those who think, feel, and behave differently are not only too often marginalized, but isolate themselves as a consequence of fear and misunderstanding.

People walking in the street

Our Project is an open invitation to professional societies and interdisciplinary conferences whose participants represent varying perspectives on medication, forced hospitalization, HIPAA laws, and much more to continue dialogue across such mental health divides.

We invite employers, professionals, and people with mental health issues to discuss problems related to hiring practices and privacy dynamics, and to explore ways of offering more jobs to more people while minimizing disruptions that might occur if and when problems arise.